Monday, April 23, 2012

Clydesdale Draft Horses and Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides! Aren’t they beautiful to have one during Christmas times and in the snow and there is nothing like it for a family outdoor. The horses pull the carriages through the snow with people sitting over them and it is truly a wonderful experience. The carriages are drawn by the magnificent Clydesdale horses and here is a brief note about it.

Clydesdale Horses

The Clydesdale horses are a particular distraught breed of horses that originate from the farmhouse of Clydesdale, Scotland. Though they were initially a smaller breed, later they grew taller in stature. They are generally bay in color and have some white markings. These horses stand about 16 to 18 feet in height or weigh up to 1800 to 2000 pounds. Initially these horses were used for domestic purposes like agriculture and hauling, their beauty pulled them into military parades and so on. Then they were soon used to pull commercial wagons and military artillery by the beginning of 20th century. As technology advanced, these breed of horses are now used to pull carriages during the winter sleigh rides.

The best example of a sleigh ride is Santa Claus pulling his carriage during the Christmas Season. Beckenridge Sleigh Rides is a wonderful experience to have and they provide the opportunity to spend an evening in the coolest manner possible. These rides generally take place within areas containing Rocky Mountains and away from the busy towns. These type of rides take place on some of the most beautiful handcrafted sleighs and you can have a ride either as a family or with your friends.
During the ride one can feel the clinging sounds of bells from the animals’ belly and can also feel the crunch of snow. This is an ideal activity for couples and it would surely be a memorable experience. There is no age limit and anyone can have a cool ride. The prices of having such rides vary from $30.00 to $299.00 based on the locations and the time of the ride.

Breckenridge Sleigh Ride

These rides are the most ideal ones for couples and there are three different locations in Breckenridge, Colorado to have a sleigh ride. It is suited for wedding anniversaries and proposals and also for small parties as well. The ride is about 40 minutes and the horses pull you through some of the majestic mountain peaks. The carriages are smaller than the regular ones thus creating a romantic experience. Also hot chocolate and coffee are provided as a compliment during the ride. The ride has a capacity of about four adults and two children. After the ride is over there would be a small party as well.

For anyone who likes to have a truly amazing romantic experience as a couple, this is a wonderful chance. Spend some and experience a true sleigh ride. Take into consideration the range of fun things to do and see in Breckenridge like Sleigh Rides Breckenridge.

What is the Purpose of a Percheron Draft Horse?

The well muscled, graceful and dwarf horses, the Percheron horses were originated in Perche valley in France. Their intelligence and willingness to work made them to be used as war horses in the earlier days. Now, these dark, powerful and docile animals are used for horse drawn sleigh rides, and provide an exotic experience to tourists.

Reasons why you should not miss horse drawn sleigh rides

Pull up your gear and get ready for the exotic experience, you will never forget through your life. This is welcome change, which is comfortable, romantic and suitable for the entire family. What is better than leaning on a paddy seat with your family and enjoying snowy landscapes? This unforgettable experience is specially crafted to make your holidays rememberable with a traditional set up that will transport you to the older era.

Why go for Percheron horse drawn sleigh rides?

Percheron horses are draft in appearance. They measure up to 18 hands. But their muscular build, grace and power packed performance can take anyone by charm. Percheron horses are known not only for their massive size and strength but also they are extremely docile, intelligent and hard workers. The horses with a highly muscular neck and rear are spectacular against the winter woods and snowy backdrop. This is what you can expect when you take a ride from two below zero professionals.

Why two below zero?

Nothing says Colorado like Two Below Zero. The old fashioned journey through the beautiful snowy mountains with breath taking views is truly an experience to last a lifetime. It's easy accessibility from Denver is a plus point. The live shows and fine dinner are surely a treat for all age groups. Apart from this, there are also exclusive rides. What can be a better gift for your beloved than a personalised one-of-a-kind horse drawn sleigh ride? Be it birthday, anniversary or office party, a ride is available for you, which suits every occasion.

The friendly and hospitable staff will warm you up even if it is two below zero outside! The games like horseshoes and spending time roping will surely make your stomach go growling before dinner. The dinner includes wonderful bar-be-que meals with the traditional food of wild west like cornbread, grilled chicken, smoked BBQ beef briskets and plenty of side dishes. An apple pie and whipped cream to finish with. The dinner is accompanied with lots of shows that are fun to watch along with regional music. You can also make friends on the go, get along with other tourists at the dinner.

The bottom line
Holidays are meant for refreshment and instilling a positive energy that makes you go through the entire year. Here, at two below zero, you can amaze yourself, indulge in yourself and spend some quality time with your family. This type of holiday is necessary for everyone, at least once in your lifetime, and two below zero makes an excellent job of making it truly remarkable and lots of fun.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Create the Perfect Date Excursion in Breckenridge, CO

Creating a memorable date excursion in Breckenridge, CO is all about doing something out of the ordinary. You need to make it special. Something the two of you have never done together before. People don't remember their dinner dates at a fast food restaurant, or every time they went sledding outside. But they do remember those extra special occasions, where you take them to a place, a world, they haven't experienced before in their life. With romantic dinner sleigh rides, you are sure to take your date to a new place they have never been to, even if they have skied through the same hills hundreds of times before. On the back of a horse drawn sleigh, everything appears different. The stars appear a bit brighter. The air a bit crisper. Your touch a bit warmer. Every sense is heightened due to the thrill of experiencing something completely new, all thanks to your romantic side and dinner sleigh rides.

Make sure to bundle up a bit, as the weather, especially once the sun goes down, does grow a bit nippy out. Plus, without constant movement, you want to keep your core temperature up. Thankfully, this encourages snuggling and moving closer together, and with the provided blankets and hot chocolate on dinner sleigh rides, you two should prove more than comfortable.

While the dinner sleigh rides begin, music gently caresses your ears as it echoes through the open fields of Breckenridge, Co. The sleigh is equipped with an audio system, playing local musician David Peel's favorite guitar solos, which are perfect for a cold night while you sip on hot chocolate. Leroy Anderson does perform before you depart on the
dinner sleigh rides, as the team prepares your sleigh and as you dine on the delicious meal prepared especially for you on this extra special and romantic occasion. The menu does vary, so make sure to check what is served. If you have any food concerns and risks from allergies, make sure to let the staff know ahead of time (when you make the reservation), this way, any negative situations are avoided. Once all is set and your meal happily digesting in your satisfied stomach, you are ushered to the sleigh and the music continues with David Peel's recorded performances.

When selecting from one of the sleigh ride options, there are two times to depart. The first starts at 5:30 pm while the second begins at 7:45. It's up to you as to what the best option is. The 5:30 time is warmer out, plus you experience dusk while on the sleigh. As with the later option, it is colder out (which encourages you to hold your date even closer) yet the full chorus of stars is above your head. This is often an excellent option for two lovers on a honeymoon, although you and your date are more than welcome to share the experience at any time.

Best Entertainment for Kids and Parents

Are you looking for a fun adventure both your children and your partner are sure to love? It's time then to explore something a bit different and out of the ordinary, as most activities for all ages you have probably already performed. Instead, while living in the Breckenridge area, you need to try out sleigh rides Breckenridge. This is something you probably have never experienced before and is sure to leave both your partner and your children incredibly excited and thrilled. The entire sleigh rides Breckenridge experience lasts several hours, so whether you're looking for a romantic get away or a fun filled family outing, sleigh rides Breckenridge is capable of fitting either bill.

If you have decided on opting into the sleigh rides Breckenridge experience, there are two different times available for you: 5:45 and 7:30. If you have younger children, then the earlier time period is probably best. There isn't anything different between the two start times, although the 7:30 start may run a little late and into your child's bedtime. Plus, the 7:30 time is considerably colder to begin with, as the sun is already down once the sleigh ride starts off. However, should you seek out a simple, romantic time with your loved one, the 7:30 possibly serves as a better atmosphere for this desire, as once the sun goes down over the horizon, the heavens open up and all the stars come out. Without all the light pollution from local towns, you can see hundreds, if not thousands of stars on a clear night, many of which you probably have never seen before in your life. This is a perfect time for bringing your partner closer to you and enjoying your time together under the stars, all to the gentle clip-clop of the horses and the soothing music provided while you drift away together. Of course. hot chocolate is always provided while you ride, so should your sweet tooth find the urge for something sweet and delicious, the chocolate treat is right there for you, in between shivers from underneath the provided blanket.

Prior to debarking on your
sleigh rides Breckenridge journey, dinner is served, accompanied by live music. This sets the mood for your upcoming ride and is enough to entice everyone, both young and old. Your children are sure to bustle with anticipation for the ride on a real sleigh, through the hills of snow and fog. Your partner is sure to look forward to the magical time, spent with you out, away from it all, with a delicious meal recently consumed and artistic music echoing through the trees as you gently pass by. You might even catch some of the local wildlife, as it makes its way out, inspecting the curious noise put on by the sleigh and the simple lights it emits. No matter who you bring with you on this amazing experience, they are sure to love it and have one of the most incredible times share with you in their entire life. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Reasons To Try a Winter Sleigh Ride in Breckenridge, CO

“I haven’t tried because I don’t like it” – goes the witticism, but that’s not the case with people who have not tried a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Winter sleigh rides, with warm drinks and food to follow, are among the most sought-after seasonal pursuits for all ages.  If you haven’t tried one it’s more likely the opportunity has not appeared, or you have not made it appear. So five good reasons to try winter sleigh rides as Breckenridge, Colorado, are:
  • It’s fun and accessible: Fans come back year after year, from all over the United States and overseas, to the centrally located Breckenridge, Colorado, 2 Below Zero. And they return to have as much fun on the ride and after as the years before.  Two Below Zero is a family-owned business in Summit County, Frisco, in the heart of the Rockies; a family treating families to fun. Frisco is central, between Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Silverthorpe and accessible from I-70. 
  • It’s musical: Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride may be ringing in your ears before you start but you are sure to finish the day with some lively guitar and banjo music from the staff as you dine.  Musician David Peel has recorded several CDs and he’s a great crowd pleaser around the campsite. 
  • It’s affordable – and that’s the bottom line. The dinner sleigh ride of two hours duration is open from mid-November until mid-April and peak prices apply at holiday times ( December 17 to January 2) . Adults, aged 13 and over, pay $84 and $89 at peak.  Children (4 to 12) pay $55 and $60 and under fours are free. The scenic  hot cocoa ride, that lasts an hour and includes live musical entertainment, costs adults $55 and $59 and children $45 and $49. 
  • It’s romantic and old-fashioned. Snuggled up warm and tripping through the snow, the winter sleigh ride is a favorite with honeymooners at 2 Below Zero. They are eager to recapture bygone traditions, have a memorable and well-photographed time doing it, and relax afterward with a satisfying dinner. Two Below Zero offers the whole wedding experience, from rehearsal dinner to reception – and the happy couple leaving in a horse-drawn sleigh. What better excuse to get married in winter?  
  • “Because it’s there.” Just as that’s the mountaineer’s reason for climbing a tough, forbidding peak, it’s because you are in Colorado that you take winter sleigh rides. Two Below Zero is rated #1 sleigh ride in America and TV travel commentator Samantha Brown  called it the best thing she did in Colorado. Not only is it “there”, it’s “right up there.”  You are traveling on trails that are groomed daily. Dinner winter sleigh rides start at 5:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m  - in the twilight and the evening, with all the special atmosphere those times invoke.

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides in Colorado

Number One Place for Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides Located in Colorado!
Have you always wanted to try something new and go on a sleigh ride pulled by horses accompanied by awe inspiring scenery? If the answer is yes, Two Below Zero in Breckenridge, Colorado is the place to be. Tourists and residents of Colorado will have a fantastic experience should they choose to relax with a sleigh ride. Breckenridge Sleigh Rides have been seen on the Travel Channel and are rated number one in the country for sleigh rides. Check it out anytime of the year!

Winter and Summer Rides Available!
Spice up your mood in the summertime with a chuck wagon ride from the professionals from Two Below Zero. These wagons are hand crafted like the wagons from hundreds of years ago. The food, festivities, and ride will be some of the highlights of your trip with the people of Two Below Zero. During the ride itself, you will be surrounded by the Rocky Mountains with their snow-capped tops glistening on both sides of you. Summer is a great time to enjoy chuck wagon rides with your family in comfortable weather.

The winter horsedrawn sleigh rides are absolutely beautiful. Be sure to bundle up and keep warm so you can best enjoy the overall experience of the sleigh ride pulled by gorgeous horses. Words cannot describe the scenery during a winter time ride. This would be a romantic day to remember for you and your loved one. Following the ride, head back for some hot chocolate and warm food to satisfy your pallets.  Sit down and relax with live Western entertainment to top off the night before heading back to your luxurious room. This experience will surely be one you never forget!

Other Information and How to Book Your Stay
If horse drawn sleigh rides sound like something you would be interested in, visit either of the Two Below Zero web sites for how to go about making a reservation. Click here for pictures, directions and pricing. A better description of what to expect and why the people at Two Below Zero can be found on their second site located here. These sites will further prove why the rides in Breckenridge, Colorado are rated number one in America.

Final Thoughts
If you love to travel and are looking for a unique experience, it is prudent to check out the horse drawn sleigh rides in Breckenridge. Be sure to have the camera ready as the gorgeous scenery will take your breath away. Capture the memories so when you wake up you have visual evidence that it was not just a dream. With all the festivities and easy going people you would really have to try hard NOT to have fun. Book today and see for yourself!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Great Date Idea at Christmas

Winter sleigh rides depict the epitome of romance. Just take a moment and envision yourself; all snuggled up in a beautiful hand-crafted, red sleigh being pulled by magnificent Percheron and Belgium horses. The sky is clear, the stars are abundant, and you are surrounded by the Rocky Mountains as you are dashing through a majestic winter wonderland, with the one you love.

The winter sleigh rides at Breckenridge, Colorado will become an unforgettable and cherished memory. If you are lucky, your ride will occur while snowflakes are tumbling down around you and there is a full moon,illuminating the snow. You will be able to hear your sleigh cutting through the snow and the breathing of the horses, as you watch the falling snow with steam rising off of the horses You should be certain to dress warmly, even though cozy fleece blankets will be provided.

Think about what a great, and unique, perfect gift, winter sleigh rides would be. You could wrap up a pair of gloves, a scarf, some earmuffs and woolen socks, in a box, with a great big bow. Be sure to include a card that says “Mystery Date” with your reservation; time and date. Don’t tell your sweetheart where you are taking them; just tell them to dress warmly and to bring their box of goodies along. Imagine their surprise as they begin to hear sleigh bells, as you lead them up to a fabulous red sleigh and some of the most regal horses you have ever seen. You can then say, “Get in; we have arrived at out Mystery Date location!” Who wouldn’t love a special date like that? You must be certain to bring your camera along, so that you can record the delight and surprise on your loved one’s face. This is no doubt a date to remember!

At Breckenridge, you will have many options from which to choose. You can choose to hop aboard the Hot Chocolate Sleigh ride where your sleigh glides through open meadows surrounded by views of Peak One of the Ten Mile Mountain Range, or you can choose a gourmet Dinner Sleigh Ride.

Who knows, you might even be headed on the most perfect date of your life; Breckenridge has a fairy tale, intimate Santa sleigh, with curly runners’ and extra special cozy red blankets. You may be on the winter sleigh ride that is the beginning of the rest of your life, as you are taken to a fabulously intimate and private location where you could create a most memorable proposal. Becoming engaged in a horse drawn sleigh would become the beginning of your own personal fairy tale, one that would be sure to delight generations to come.

So, if you are looking for that extra special, perfect date, for that extra special, perfect someone, be sure to consider winter sleigh rides as the most perfect solution. You and your extra special someone will certainly be enchanted, as you are whisked away under a starlit night.