Friday, November 12, 2010

Privacy in the Great Outdoors with Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides are one of the oldest forms of transportation in the United States. They are something out of a storybook. However, some of the best sleigh rides offered by Two Below Zero are intended to be shared with just two people. One of the services the company offers is the exclusive sleigh ride. This ride takes just the two of you on a wonderful journey in a very special sleigh. It creates perhaps the most intimate of experiences for both of you. It is a great way to celebrate time together or perhaps even to propose.
The Sleigh
One of the biggest things that draws people to these sleigh rides is the sleigh itself. The sleigh used for these intimate and private journeys is an old-fashioned sleigh that features the curled runners on them. It also features all of the same jingle bells, intimate details like blankets and it is a more private event for just you two. What makes it even more special is that this is a ride that only two people can take and enjoy.  On the other hand, you can extend the welcome to a few others too, though the sleigh holds four adults and two lap children at the very most.
The Experience
The exclusive sleigh rides are some of the best in the area. You will be taken on a scenic trip through the region, along safe but beautiful trails. You will get to chat and cuddle together. You will feel as if you are Cinderella in her magical coach for this trip. Two Below Zero provides the warm, red, Santa-like blankets to keep you warm. You provide the good conversation or simply watch in wonder as you travel through the area.
What You Should Know
There are a few things you should know about this particular sleigh ride.
  • This is the ideal sleigh ride for those who wish to propose or those who wish to have a private setting on their trip. Unlike other sleigh rides offered by Two Below Zero, this trip is just for the two of you.
  • These sleigh rides have a very special, 100 percent success rate for those who are proposing! In the last year, the company has had more than 60 couples propose on these sleighs and every question received a positive response.
  • You do want to book your trip in advance. This is a popular experience and while it is possible to get in that last minute trip, book in advance if it is possible to do so.
No matter why you are coming to the Colorado area, one thing is for certain. You can and will enjoy these sleigh rides. The privacy they offer is unlike any other experience you will have in the region. Moreover, you are sure to find yourself enjoying the surroundings just as much as those in the sleigh do with you. Take some time to consider your options and book your sleigh rides with Two Below Zero.

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