Monday, January 24, 2011

Breck Sleigh Rides: Hot Chocolate Sleigh Rides – A Magic Mountain Experience

What better way to enjoy the magic of a snowy winter night in Breckenridge than with a sleigh ride? Sleigh rides offered by Breckenridge Sleigh Rides Company Two Below Zero will take you by sleigh through the snowy, forested mountaintop ridges high in the mountains above Breckenridge. Snuggle beneath a warm blanket and sip cream hot chocolate from oversized mugs. This is the experience that will bring you back, year after year, to enjoy hot chocolate sleigh rides, a magical mountain experience.

Hot chocolate are a Breckenridge sleigh rides tradition. The homemade hot chocolate, a family recipe, is lovingly prepared and served in oversized ceramic mugs. The warmth from the hot chocolate keeps your hands and insides warm even though the temperatures outside are not.  On clear nights, you can witness an amazing display of stars high overhead in the black night sky. When the weather is overcast, you will still enjoy the snowy winter trails and the feel of the new falling snow on your face. Snuggled deep in the blankets in your warm sled holding a cup of hot chocolate, the weather outside always feels delightful.

Sleigh rides are either in large party sleighs or private red, wrought iron sleds, pulled by 18 foot tall Percheron and Belgian horses. The horses, tame as puppies and just as friendly, pull the sleighs while adorned with bells and silver trappings. These strong and graceful creatures enjoy treks through the new fallen snow and pull the sleighs at the perfect speed, allowing you to enjoy the scenery at a smooth and steady pace. The horses and their drivers are, for many visitors, one of the favorite parts of the hot chocolate sleigh rides by Breckenridge.

Breckenridge Sleigh Rides has been offering families and visitor’s hot chocolate sleigh rides over the snowy trails for the Breckenridge forests for years. It is a favorite among many of the visitors who return to Breckenridge year after year to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fun of the winter activities offered here. While the day time is the time to hit the slopes, during the evening it’s time to relax. For those that play hard during the day, soaking up the scenery by sleigh it’s the ultimate way to end the day.  This is what makes hot chocolate sleigh rides so popular by Breckenridge locals and visitors alike.

When planning your trip to Breckenridge, be sure and reserve your hot chocolate sleigh rides with Breckenridge sleigh rides. Hot chocolate sleigh rides are appropriate for both couples and the entire family, though you may want to reserve a private one to create an especially romantic ride for two. Since these rides are so popular, especially on the weekends, advance reservations are always a good idea since space is limited. Don't miss out on enjoying the snowy white slopes and icy pine trees of Breckenridge by night on a magical winter sleigh ride. Plan ahead and reserve early so you can add some sleigh ride magic to your winter holidays.

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