Monday, February 28, 2011

Hidden Secrets of Colorado Sleigh Rides

Colorado sleigh rides will provide you with one of the most inspirational evenings of your life. While there are often much noisier things to do, a sleigh ride can give you a refreshing, interesting experience that will help you to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Two Below Zero offers one of the best experiences for just that. The company offers Colorado sleigh rides of various types to visitors. Take into consideration just how special these rides can be. You may not realize just what secrets are hidden in this type of experience.

The Experience

There are various types of Colorado sleigh rides to consider booking for your next experience. You may wish to book an exclusive ride, for example. This particular ride is on a small sleigh, with all of the features you would expect on a sleigh, from the rounded runners to the beautifully appointed red blankets for your lap. It is small and great for special occasions, from proposals to anniversaries.
Another option to consider is the dinner rides. You can spend some time on the slopes during the day and then in the evening, visit Two Below Zero for a Colorado sleigh ride. The staff will help you to warm up with a memorable experience, including gourmet hot chocolate and something from the facility's bar.
How about hot chocolate rides? Take one of the three, handcrafted wooden sleighs out with a cup of warm hot chocolate. you can bring along with as many as 20 people. You get warm blankets and you can watch the night sky right from the sleigh itself. This is a magical experience.
There are more secrets and special opportunities available on Colorado sleigh rides, too. You can travel by sleigh to the tent that is deep within the wilderness. There, you will find a home cooked meal waiting for you. The company provides entertainment for you too, including live music and lots of great people to share the experience with.  This type of experience is perfect for special events or even just for the family.
Colorado sleigh rides like these offers even more to the person who is visiting for the first time. Perhaps the most beautiful of all experiences is your ability to view the surrounding area in the dark. Since the facility is not in the center of town, and the moon is often fully in view, you can walk into the darkness and see where you are going. Imagine the darkness around you, lit by the moon above and soft snowflakes falling.
Colorado sleigh rides provide you with an opportunity to share time with loved ones while doing something special and magical for your family. You can book your trip in advance or just stop in. After a day of skiing the slopes, there is something very magical about spending time on the beautiful sleigh, with your hot chocolate in hand. Two Below Zero makes this trip as special and as beautiful as it can be. You will not be let down.

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