Thursday, March 31, 2011

5 Group Event Ideas in Breckenridge, Colorado. #1 A Sleigh Ride!

Are you planning a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado? If so, your number one activity to do upon arrival should be a sleigh ride. You will love this picturesque location, hidden in the woods and featuring some of the best skiing and entertainment in the entire state. For those who have yet to come, take a look at this list of the top five things to do with your group in Breckenridge. What you may not know is that there is something here that is perfect for everyone, whether you are here for a corporate event or a family reunion. You will love everything that companies like Two Below Zero pulls together for your special trip.

1. The top thing to do when you come here is to take a sleigh ride. Sit back and enjoy the ride through the woods, along the snowy path leading to a tent full of entertainment. Enjoy the music, the people and the food while you gather together. After a long day on the sleigh, you will enjoy this exciting retreat on authentic sleighs pulled by loved and cared for animals.

2. How about the skiing? Many people come just for the skiing, specifically the cross country skiing you can do here. There are both beginner and advanced trails available, perfect for those who want to learn or just have fun. Everyone in the group can learn and participate.

3. Take a hot air balloon ride. This is a fun way to get to see all there is to do in the area, from a different vantage point. You will find that these hot air balloons can help you to see some of the most beautiful countryside you have ever seen. Your group will love this activity.

4. Do you enjoy the theater or shopping? It’s all here! Families, including those with younger children, will enjoy the variety of options here. You can even take the adults to the spa for the day. This is a fun way to relax in one of the most modern and upscale areas of the state.

5. Go ahead and rent some snowmobiles. Then, take a guided trip on snowmobiles to the various ghost towns in the area. You can even travel to the mining sites nearby to explore them. Some of the ski trails allow you to take the snowmobiles there, too.

Whatever you do, focus first on spending some time in one of the most natural of activities, the sleigh ride. Get the entire group together for dinner in the tent, with warm food and great live entertainment appropriate for everyone in the family. You can book these trips in advance and enjoy every minute of them. Your corporate event can be laid back and fun or your wedding reception can be as formal as you would like it to be. Two Below Zero is a top rated facility for sleigh ride adventures for the entire group. Check out how they help people to relax and enjoy the region's beautiful in traditional, even old world style. Your entire group will love this event, and the others, in Breckenridge.

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