Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Mountain Wedding? Look Into This Unique Reception or Dinner Idea

Perhaps you have the need for a special wedding that is going to really be one of a kind. If so, consider a dinner sleigh ride experience during the warmer months out at Two Below Zero, in the heart of beautiful Colorado. With so much to see and do in the area, you are sure to have plenty of options for ways to spend your days, but for the wedding reception itself, think about this fun idea which is sure to get people talking. Two Below Zero can help you to plan for your wedding right in the heart of the countryside, with the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop.

Check Out Your Options

Take a look at what you can expect form a dinner sleigh ride that becomes a wedding reception. You may be impressed with the extreme fun that you can have during your reception, too!
·         Start with an old-fashioned wagon ride right up to a tent located in the heart of the woods. The sleighs are beautiful but nothing can compete with the draft horses used to pull you along. This is truly a magical experience for anyone. 

·         Your guests and you will arrive at the tent where you will be greeted with a lot of fun. You can have fun playing in the game corral, the perfect place for something fun to do. This is a fun way to entertain your guests (and yourself) while you wait for dinner.

·         You can  host your ceremony here, with the backdrop of the mountains, or just your reception. You can even just host a family get together even if your wedding took place previously. Everyone can talk and get to know each other before the dinner bell rings.

·         Once it does, your dinner sleigh ride will complete with one of the most enjoyable of all meals. With wild western favorites and stick to your ribs goodness, there is nothing short of something amazing here for everyone.

·         A fun, western themed show is next up. As you get to dancing and having fun laughing, your guests are sure to talk about all of the fun they had throughout the day. The show includes live music, some comedy and a truly authentic western theme to it. 

For your wedding reception, think about a dinner sleigh ride. Be different and stand out. Not only is this a magical experience everyone will enjoy but it is also a fun way to spend time together without breaking the bank. The dinner sleigh ride is a fantastic way to celebrate a marriage and it could be a fun way to allow two families to get to know each other. The good news is that Two Below Zero, a top rated event, has plenty of experience hosting these events. The entire event can be easy to plan and execute, too. Find out how well a dinner sleigh ride can work for your wedding celebration. You will be happy you did so.

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