Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3 Things To Do In Breckenridge Colorado That Aren't Skiing

Looking for Things To Do? Are you thinking about coming to Colorado but not sure what there is to do besides skiing around the Rockies? Well, if you come down to Breckenridge, Colorado there is a plethora of fun activities for the family. One of the favorite attraction has to absolutely be our Dinner Sleigh Rides in the winter and our Chuck Wagon rides in the summer. 

What Can You Do Before Dinner? These events are a staple of Colorado tradition. Along with these events comes with fun around the fire, superb local music, and not to be! When you first come down for the sleigh rides and chuck wagons you get indulge in some games such as horseshoes and roping. While all the food might not be ready yet there are biscuits and honey available to tie you down for the mean time. Not to mention the Dinner Sleigh Rides takes place right around the Rockies so you'll have a excellent back drop for the night with you and your loved ones.

Dinner Time! By the time you ask when is dinner coming up you'll be indulging in good old fashioned food from the Wild West like cornbread, grilled chicken, smoked BBQ beef brisket and oodles of sides to go around. While you eat there will be entertainment in the form of comedy along with music to keep you more than occupied while you eat your delicious Wild West Cuisine. 

Are You Ready To Sleigh Ride?! Our Dinner Sleigh Rides are extremely exciting! Our sleighs can hold up to 20 people and we have hundreds of red fleece blankets to keep you warm so that you can focus completely on your experience here at Breckenridge's Dinner Sleigh Rides. Creating memories is a key component of what we do so we even allow children help drive the horses. The horses that we use for our Dinner Sleigh Rides are extremely majestic. They are over 18 hands high and around 2,000 to 2,500 pounds. The rides last about 40 minutes so you and your family get more than your monies worth when you come down to Breckenridge. If you were wondering how much it was going to cost to park you'll be pleasantly surprised you hear that parking is absolutely free at Golden Run Nordic Center.

Other Interesting Things To Do In Breckenridge!

Here in Breckenridge there are many other fun things for you in the family to partake in. We have our Art District right in the heart of Breckenridge. There are many workshops available to you and there are many galleries that you gander into while you are there. Also, if you can come on down to Main Street at the Blue River Plaza during the summer for performances, music, theater, art, culture, sports, historical displays, and activities for kids. 

Coming Down To Breckenridge,Colorado!There are many options for you and your family when you come down to Breckenridge including Dinner Sleigh Rides. If you have any questions call 888-251-2417.

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