Thursday, October 27, 2011

All About Percheron and Belgian Horses-horse drawn sleigh rides

In the heat of summertime the best way to catch the breeze and enjoy a day in the sunshine is to spend it on chuck-wagon ride. Meanwhile, nothing sounds more appealing in the winter than horse drawn sleigh rides through the snow. We've heard about it in songs and seen it on Holiday cards, but how much do you know about the magnificent animals that make this magical experience possible?

There are hundreds of horse breeds in the world, and only two types are used for these horse drawn sleigh rides. The two types of horses that draw these sleighs are the Percheron and Belgian horses. Why? Well, here's a little brief on both of these incredible animals:

The Percheron horse is a draft horse originated from northern France. These horses were first used as war horses, bred for their strength, then later to pulls stage couches thanks to their intelligence and ability to do work which makes them also excellent for agriculture work. These incredible horses range from 15.1 to 18.1 hands in height and can weigh over 2,000 pounds and are usually gray or black in color. They are ideal for these rides not just because they are built for hard labor, but they are a proud breed of horses, easy to keep, and adapt well to changing climate and can travel many miles with the greatest of ease. These beautiful horses paint a picture perfect scene in horse drawn sleigh rides!

The Belgian horse is one of the strongest horses of the heavy breed, originating from the very country of Belgium. These horses are the most direct descendant of the medieval 'Great Horse' that carried knights into battle and existed in the time of Caesar. Now that's impressive! They are typically a chestnut color, with a pale grayish-yellow mane and tail. On average they grow up to be just around 2,000 pounds, averaging 16- 17 hands in height. They are best known for pulling tremendous amounts of heavy load over the spans of many miles, be it freight train cars or just hitched up for horse drawn sleigh rides. However, despite their power are very docile creatures.

These horses have gone through a lot of lineage to get where they are today in making memorable moments with you on your horse drawn sleigh rides. They are both strong horses with an incredible ancestry and bred specifically to be the best. Also, they are a beautiful sight, the ideal figures of what horses ought to be, and reliable for getting any job done. So sit back and relax as you eat dinner or sip your hot cocoa and watch these horses in action as they pull you through a beautiful scenery. Nothing beats the experience of horse drawn sleigh rides! Children love them, and they can be very romantic if you're thinking of taking out that special someone for some alone time. 

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