Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Planning a Proposal This Winter? Here are 5 Holiday Inspired Proposal ideas

As an unknown author stated, “you don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person you can’t live without.” You have now found that special person, and she is everything you always wanted.  You can’t wait to start your future with her, and you want your marriage proposal to be perfect and memorable.  Remember that no matter how you choose to pop the question, winter sleigh rides will be a very romantic way to begin or end the day that you proposed.  Imagine being bundled up in a cozy blanket, snuggling together, with a beautiful starry night twinkling above. So, without further ado, here are five holiday inspired proposal ideas that are sure to do just that:

Christmas Day proposal
  •   M & M’s.  The M&M store has a site in which you can customize your own candy for whatever occasion, and you can choose up to 3 colors.  Since the proposal will be on Christmas Day, you can choose red, green, and white for that holiday.  There is different clip art you can choose to suit your customized candy, but you can also upload a high resolution picture as well.  With one color, you can ask her to marry you, and on the others you can choose clip art or a photo.  Have her open the candy first, and the engagement ring second.
  • Winter sleigh rides.   A snowy wonderland is a unique place to propose.  Whether you have your own sleigh or one you can rent, she is sure to say yes as the passing scenery of snow-capped mountains, frosted trees, and open meadows become the perfect backdrop to express your love to her.
  •  A snowball fight.  Set aside a special snowball that has been wrapped with a ribbon and the ring safely wrapped inside the snow.  Toss it gently to her and instruct her to carefully unwrap her present.
Thanksgiving Day Proposal
Thanksgiving invites a warm atmosphere, and is just what it means: to be thankful for each other, thankful for friends and/or family.  What better holiday to express how truly thankful you are that she has chosen you to love.
  • The bridal shower game.  Some of the family should be in on this with you so they can help you put together fun questions that she will know about you.  The last question is if she knows how much she means to you, and then you can give a speech about her qualities you are thankful for and end with asking her to marry you.
New Year's Day Proposal
New Year’s Day suggests a beginning for your life together; after all she is your missing puzzle piece.
  • Commemorate the year that is ending.  Talk of or show pictures and moments that were special to you, and then ask her to marry you.
J.R. King said, "despite the surrounding cold, my heart is yours."  Winter sleigh rides, after all, is definitely a very romantic way to propose.

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