Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giddy Up! What Makes Your Sleigh Go?

Horse drawn sleigh rides are great fun in the winter, but have you ever given much thought to what makes them go? (BESIDES the horse, of course!) In other words, what are the mechanics of a sleigh? Well, in a nutshell, this article is going to examine those questions, as well as giving you some great suggestions for excellent winter fun via horse drawn sleigh rides in beautiful Colorado. 

So sit back, imagine a cozy blanket tucked snugly around your lap and legs while you're comfortably seated in a cheery sleigh, enjoying a cup of cocoa with some marshmallows cheerfully bobbing around and melting perfectly. Can you feel the cold wind bringing a rosy blush to your cheeks and the cocoa warming you throat and tummy as it glides down in an exquisitely toasty delicious gulp? Perfect!  Now, away we'll go on this brief lesson on the basic mechanics of horse drawn sleigh rides.

The sleigh itself has a smooth underside, and is supported by a minimum of two longitudinal runners rather than wheels That's one of most basic differences between sleighs and carriages (which have wheels, of course). Sleigh's runners are narrow and slide easily across a relatively smooth surface, such as that snow you hear and sing about "dashing through" so much during the Christmas season. An "open" sleigh (i.e., that famous "one horse open sleigh" in Jingle Bells) simply is a sleigh that is not enclosed, or has no top cover, so the occupants are therefore exposed to the winter weather. Brrr! Do you mind piling on another blanket, please, and pouring another cup of cocoa? Ah....better. Thanks! Where were we?

Oh, yes, enjoying the beautiful countryside while traveling in the comfort and serenity inherent in horse drawn sleigh rides is indeed a thing of beauty, particularly if you are in the beautiful state of Colorado and in the vicinity of Breckenridge featuring magnificent Percheron and Belgian horses, as well as some exclusive sleighs you'll swear are right out of a fairy tale, Breckenridge Sleigh Rides is certain to make any and all of your horse drawn sleigh rides fantasies and desires come to life!

For example, when you book our bright red Exclusive Sleigh with its curly runners and red blankets, it's great for birthdays, anniversaries or ANY special occasion. It comfortably seats 4 adults and 2 lap children. And FYI, many a proposal has taken place in this sleigh when couples have enjoyed one of our romantic horse drawn sleigh rides. We've even had weddings performed right on the sleigh, and Breckenridge provides a gorgeous, stunning backdrop, making this one of the most unique wedding settings ever!

Horse drawn sleigh rides just don't get any better than this! Be sure to make your reservations well in advance. We look forward to your visit!

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