Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stressless Vacations in Breckenridge

There was a time when a vacation meant abandoning the hectic pace of normal life in order to escape to a different world. These days, with every modern technological gadget demanding your attention twenty four hours a day, even a vacation can wind up feeling like work.  This winter, when you are feeling the need for a truly stress free vacation, stretch your boundaries and imagine the possibility of going back in time to a place where peace is the norm.

Travel Back In Time

Horse drawn sleigh rides offer the opportunity to travel back to a time when life was more peaceful. Stars were brighter in the night sky, windows glowed with the golden light of kerosene lamps and real sleigh bells truly rang if you were listening.  Imagine yourself on a cold winter's eve, tucked into warm winter clothing and covered by soft fleece blankets.  You can see your breath in the crisp air. You are lulled into a dreamy state of mind by the rhythmic sound of horses' hooves as they make their way through white powdery snow.  The stars are twinkling and the the snow seems to glow in the pale light cast by the moon. This is truly a stress free moment, where the only things that matter are the loved ones cuddled by your side and the space to breathe in and out without a care in the world.

Does that kind of experience exist any more?  Thankfully, horse drawn sleigh rides have continued to delight those who live in, and vacation near, Breckenridge, Colorado.  Breckenridge Sleigh Rides has been hosting delightful horse drawn sleigh rides for almost thirty years. When you decide to embark on your own sleigh ride adventure, you will be taken care of like you are one of the family. You can further enjoy our hospitality with a comforting cup of hot cocoa or a delicious home cooked meal.  It doesn't get any more relaxing than that.

The Horses Who Make It All Possible

It wouldn't be a magical sleigh ride without the majestic horses who proudly pull our beautiful sleighs.  Horses are gentle creatures who enjoy working for the people who respect and love them.  While all horses seem enchanted, our Perchorons and Belgians will help to make your experience that much more enjoyable. Their size will leave you in awe as the average Percheron stands at about 18 hands tall.  That is approximately 6' tall - and it measures only to the base of their necks. Our gentle giants are all over 18 hands tall and will warm your heart with their devoted spirits.

You Deserve A Stress Free Vacation

As winter settles in, it is natural to want to enjoy the earth's stillness and a more quiet pace. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy an ancient mode of snow travel and watch a magical winter's landscape glide by. Your stress will disappear under the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains and your heart will feel the warmth of relaxation.

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