Monday, January 30, 2012

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides in Colorado

Number One Place for Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides Located in Colorado!
Have you always wanted to try something new and go on a sleigh ride pulled by horses accompanied by awe inspiring scenery? If the answer is yes, Two Below Zero in Breckenridge, Colorado is the place to be. Tourists and residents of Colorado will have a fantastic experience should they choose to relax with a sleigh ride. Breckenridge Sleigh Rides have been seen on the Travel Channel and are rated number one in the country for sleigh rides. Check it out anytime of the year!

Winter and Summer Rides Available!
Spice up your mood in the summertime with a chuck wagon ride from the professionals from Two Below Zero. These wagons are hand crafted like the wagons from hundreds of years ago. The food, festivities, and ride will be some of the highlights of your trip with the people of Two Below Zero. During the ride itself, you will be surrounded by the Rocky Mountains with their snow-capped tops glistening on both sides of you. Summer is a great time to enjoy chuck wagon rides with your family in comfortable weather.

The winter horsedrawn sleigh rides are absolutely beautiful. Be sure to bundle up and keep warm so you can best enjoy the overall experience of the sleigh ride pulled by gorgeous horses. Words cannot describe the scenery during a winter time ride. This would be a romantic day to remember for you and your loved one. Following the ride, head back for some hot chocolate and warm food to satisfy your pallets.  Sit down and relax with live Western entertainment to top off the night before heading back to your luxurious room. This experience will surely be one you never forget!

Other Information and How to Book Your Stay
If horse drawn sleigh rides sound like something you would be interested in, visit either of the Two Below Zero web sites for how to go about making a reservation. Click here for pictures, directions and pricing. A better description of what to expect and why the people at Two Below Zero can be found on their second site located here. These sites will further prove why the rides in Breckenridge, Colorado are rated number one in America.

Final Thoughts
If you love to travel and are looking for a unique experience, it is prudent to check out the horse drawn sleigh rides in Breckenridge. Be sure to have the camera ready as the gorgeous scenery will take your breath away. Capture the memories so when you wake up you have visual evidence that it was not just a dream. With all the festivities and easy going people you would really have to try hard NOT to have fun. Book today and see for yourself!

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