Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Create the Perfect Date Excursion in Breckenridge, CO

Creating a memorable date excursion in Breckenridge, CO is all about doing something out of the ordinary. You need to make it special. Something the two of you have never done together before. People don't remember their dinner dates at a fast food restaurant, or every time they went sledding outside. But they do remember those extra special occasions, where you take them to a place, a world, they haven't experienced before in their life. With romantic dinner sleigh rides, you are sure to take your date to a new place they have never been to, even if they have skied through the same hills hundreds of times before. On the back of a horse drawn sleigh, everything appears different. The stars appear a bit brighter. The air a bit crisper. Your touch a bit warmer. Every sense is heightened due to the thrill of experiencing something completely new, all thanks to your romantic side and dinner sleigh rides.

Make sure to bundle up a bit, as the weather, especially once the sun goes down, does grow a bit nippy out. Plus, without constant movement, you want to keep your core temperature up. Thankfully, this encourages snuggling and moving closer together, and with the provided blankets and hot chocolate on dinner sleigh rides, you two should prove more than comfortable.

While the dinner sleigh rides begin, music gently caresses your ears as it echoes through the open fields of Breckenridge, Co. The sleigh is equipped with an audio system, playing local musician David Peel's favorite guitar solos, which are perfect for a cold night while you sip on hot chocolate. Leroy Anderson does perform before you depart on the
dinner sleigh rides, as the team prepares your sleigh and as you dine on the delicious meal prepared especially for you on this extra special and romantic occasion. The menu does vary, so make sure to check what is served. If you have any food concerns and risks from allergies, make sure to let the staff know ahead of time (when you make the reservation), this way, any negative situations are avoided. Once all is set and your meal happily digesting in your satisfied stomach, you are ushered to the sleigh and the music continues with David Peel's recorded performances.

When selecting from one of the sleigh ride options, there are two times to depart. The first starts at 5:30 pm while the second begins at 7:45. It's up to you as to what the best option is. The 5:30 time is warmer out, plus you experience dusk while on the sleigh. As with the later option, it is colder out (which encourages you to hold your date even closer) yet the full chorus of stars is above your head. This is often an excellent option for two lovers on a honeymoon, although you and your date are more than welcome to share the experience at any time.

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