Monday, April 23, 2012

Clydesdale Draft Horses and Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides! Aren’t they beautiful to have one during Christmas times and in the snow and there is nothing like it for a family outdoor. The horses pull the carriages through the snow with people sitting over them and it is truly a wonderful experience. The carriages are drawn by the magnificent Clydesdale horses and here is a brief note about it.

Clydesdale Horses

The Clydesdale horses are a particular distraught breed of horses that originate from the farmhouse of Clydesdale, Scotland. Though they were initially a smaller breed, later they grew taller in stature. They are generally bay in color and have some white markings. These horses stand about 16 to 18 feet in height or weigh up to 1800 to 2000 pounds. Initially these horses were used for domestic purposes like agriculture and hauling, their beauty pulled them into military parades and so on. Then they were soon used to pull commercial wagons and military artillery by the beginning of 20th century. As technology advanced, these breed of horses are now used to pull carriages during the winter sleigh rides.

The best example of a sleigh ride is Santa Claus pulling his carriage during the Christmas Season. Beckenridge Sleigh Rides is a wonderful experience to have and they provide the opportunity to spend an evening in the coolest manner possible. These rides generally take place within areas containing Rocky Mountains and away from the busy towns. These type of rides take place on some of the most beautiful handcrafted sleighs and you can have a ride either as a family or with your friends.
During the ride one can feel the clinging sounds of bells from the animals’ belly and can also feel the crunch of snow. This is an ideal activity for couples and it would surely be a memorable experience. There is no age limit and anyone can have a cool ride. The prices of having such rides vary from $30.00 to $299.00 based on the locations and the time of the ride.

Breckenridge Sleigh Ride

These rides are the most ideal ones for couples and there are three different locations in Breckenridge, Colorado to have a sleigh ride. It is suited for wedding anniversaries and proposals and also for small parties as well. The ride is about 40 minutes and the horses pull you through some of the majestic mountain peaks. The carriages are smaller than the regular ones thus creating a romantic experience. Also hot chocolate and coffee are provided as a compliment during the ride. The ride has a capacity of about four adults and two children. After the ride is over there would be a small party as well.

For anyone who likes to have a truly amazing romantic experience as a couple, this is a wonderful chance. Spend some and experience a true sleigh ride. Take into consideration the range of fun things to do and see in Breckenridge like Sleigh Rides Breckenridge.

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