Monday, April 23, 2012

What is the Purpose of a Percheron Draft Horse?

The well muscled, graceful and dwarf horses, the Percheron horses were originated in Perche valley in France. Their intelligence and willingness to work made them to be used as war horses in the earlier days. Now, these dark, powerful and docile animals are used for horse drawn sleigh rides, and provide an exotic experience to tourists.

Reasons why you should not miss horse drawn sleigh rides

Pull up your gear and get ready for the exotic experience, you will never forget through your life. This is welcome change, which is comfortable, romantic and suitable for the entire family. What is better than leaning on a paddy seat with your family and enjoying snowy landscapes? This unforgettable experience is specially crafted to make your holidays rememberable with a traditional set up that will transport you to the older era.

Why go for Percheron horse drawn sleigh rides?

Percheron horses are draft in appearance. They measure up to 18 hands. But their muscular build, grace and power packed performance can take anyone by charm. Percheron horses are known not only for their massive size and strength but also they are extremely docile, intelligent and hard workers. The horses with a highly muscular neck and rear are spectacular against the winter woods and snowy backdrop. This is what you can expect when you take a ride from two below zero professionals.

Why two below zero?

Nothing says Colorado like Two Below Zero. The old fashioned journey through the beautiful snowy mountains with breath taking views is truly an experience to last a lifetime. It's easy accessibility from Denver is a plus point. The live shows and fine dinner are surely a treat for all age groups. Apart from this, there are also exclusive rides. What can be a better gift for your beloved than a personalised one-of-a-kind horse drawn sleigh ride? Be it birthday, anniversary or office party, a ride is available for you, which suits every occasion.

The friendly and hospitable staff will warm you up even if it is two below zero outside! The games like horseshoes and spending time roping will surely make your stomach go growling before dinner. The dinner includes wonderful bar-be-que meals with the traditional food of wild west like cornbread, grilled chicken, smoked BBQ beef briskets and plenty of side dishes. An apple pie and whipped cream to finish with. The dinner is accompanied with lots of shows that are fun to watch along with regional music. You can also make friends on the go, get along with other tourists at the dinner.

The bottom line
Holidays are meant for refreshment and instilling a positive energy that makes you go through the entire year. Here, at two below zero, you can amaze yourself, indulge in yourself and spend some quality time with your family. This type of holiday is necessary for everyone, at least once in your lifetime, and two below zero makes an excellent job of making it truly remarkable and lots of fun.

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